Here at Environmental Consultancy we have your surface water and groundwater flow monitoring sorted!

We are specialists in flow measurement - we measure and record water flowing in open channels, rivers, water races and pipelines, rainfall, groundwater and lake levels.  We currently operate and maintain rain gauges, water level, lake level and water quality sensors for Opuha Water Ltd, and monitor water flow rates within several large irrigation schemes in the Central South Island region.

We carry out the measurement, recording and reporting of surface water flows within irrigation races, intakes, spray irrigators or pipes, rivers, or streams to International (ISO) and New Zealand hydrological standards that are specified and used by Regional Councils and NIWA.

We are Irrigation New Zealand, and Environment Canterbury approved Surface water flow and Water Metering Verification, data hosting and compliance reporting providers.

Open channel flow (water races) - using our flow gauging equipment, we can measure open channel flow rates from 1 litre per second to approximately 20,000 litres per second, depending on channel dimensions.  Larger flow rates can be measured provided a temporary slack line cable can be suspended over the water body.

Pipe flow within irrigation pipes can be measured using an ultrasonic meter (Siemens SITRANS FUP 1010 / Portaflow 300) clamped onto the pump delivery pipe, mainline system or irrigation hose.  A straight length of pipe at least 15 times the pipe diameter is required to obtain reliable results.  Measurements can be made within pipes of various materials (usually PVC, Aluminium, Steel, concrete, or plastic coated nylon) within pipe diameters from 25mm to 650mm.

Water quality sampling is carried out using the most appropriate scientifically recognised and current methods.  Samples are analysed by laboratories certified for those analyses by an accreditation authority such as International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) or an equivalent accreditation organisation that has Mutual Recognition Agreement with IANZ.  

Field measurements of temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity, and visual clarity (black disc) are made using field meters.

Primary Benefits

  • Carry out water resource assessments;
  • Verification checks for reporting to relevant regional authorities;
  • Measure and record flow rates at irrigation intakes and within races;
  • Check flow rates at irrigation turnouts;
  • Check for flow losses within distribution races;
  • Ensure that any discharged water meets any specified water quality standards.

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