Telemetry is a cost effective tool for the monitoring and compliance reporting of a clients data. Data is also retained in the logger as a back-up.


Water flow (open channel or piped flow), water level, water quality and/or climatic data stored at field stations can be remotely accessed using either dial up phone modems or the internet. This information can then be retrieved, processed and reported to clients at regular intervals.


The telemetry system sends site data back to our web portal where it is displayed for management use and can be automatically processed and verified against consent conditions and irrigation restrictions.


Telemetered sites need to be sited within an area where there is adequate Telecom or Vodafone coverage (although satellite communication is an available option if outside the main cellular network areas). The latest modems that Environmental Consultancy are installing are GPRS or 3G telemetry modems which have dynamic IP addresses allowing data to be transferred via the internet.


Information is retrieved at regular intervals specific to each client (data configured with an IP address modem is retrieved at half hourly intervals giving almost real-time data). Data is stored and reported (in graph or tabular format) to the client using NIWA Tideda, or Hilltop software.


Key Benefits

  • Allows for a 'measurement-to-web' service giving near real-time environmental monitoring of the consent take & use parameters to the client;

  • Email 'warnings' can be set to trigger advance notice of wateruse specifics i.e. maximum flowrate, return period volumes etc.

  • Provides an early warning to any site malfunctions;

  • Allows field visits to be scheduled to coincide with specific water flow or water level conditions;

  • Allows remote changes to water race control gates (requires specific software).



The above example plot from our 'Water Use' web portal shows the pump rate from a bore for the last 14 days.  The most recent flow is shown at the top right of the plot. Consent details are shown at the top of the page.  Other plots allow for 30 day flow rates, moving average volumes, and remaining seasonal volumes. Consent compliance and checks for irrigation restrictions are also available.


Data presented to the 'Water Use' web portal is kept confidential i.e. requires a username and password to access the information.



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