Environmental Consultancy and de Joux Consulting have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the occurrence and availability of groundwater resources throughout the Central South Island region.  We can carry out assessments of the availability and reliability of groundwater resources for individual properties or on a wider scale.


Aquifer testing and analysis

Aquifer hydraulic properties are determined by pumping a bore at known pump rates and measuring the effect of pumping in a nearby bore of similar depth.  The results are analysed using computer software.


  • Measure depths to groundwater using manual probes, or electronically record depths using pressure sensors.

  • Design, implement, analyse and report on aquifer tests.

  • Prepare driller's pump test drawdown curves.

  • Assess potential drawdown interference effects on neighbouring bores

  • Assess potential effects of pumping groundwater on nearby streams (stream depletion effects)

  • Collect groundwater samples for water quality analyses.

  • Measure conductivity of groundwater to check for salt water intrusion in bores.

  • Contaminated site investigation and remediation.

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