Environmental Consultancy 2015 Ltd - COVID-19 Response:

Environmental Consultancy Ltd has continued to work as an essential services supplier throughout all levels of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Thank you to our valued clients, for your support during this time.

With the move into Level 2 and now Level 1, all areas of our operation are back to our usual business hours.

We will be maintaining all current health and safety regulations with safe distancing measures adhered to along with full contact tracing.

Recent Website Developments:

ECS have a policy of continuously developing our website design to provide water use services and compliance reporting to our clients.

1 March 2020: The option to have website 'warnings' sent to mobile via text message has been developed. If you would like to use this method of receiving 'warnings' please contact me at Lindsay@ecs-limited.co.nz

1 September 2014: As required, protocols have been put in place to ensure the effective transfer of telemetered flowmeter data direct to regional councils as per the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010.

Guardian Farming - August 2018:


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Telephone: +64 3 688 5522
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