ECS have a policy of continuously developing a web site designed to provide water use services and compliance reporting to its clients.

1 September 2014 -- As required, protocols have been put in place to ensure the effective transfer of telemetered flowmeter data direct to regional councils as per the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010.

9 March 2011 -- Our updated web page is now operational for our clients. The page provides more detailed information on how much water has been used, and how much water is left for the current irrigation season. Live links allow users to check their consent details, review irrigation restrictions, and obtain compliance check reports.

8 July 2009 --  We now have the capability to manually download water meter data stored in Scottech "Hydroflow", SeaMetrics, ABB MagMaster and Sitelab dataloggers. We can check the data against resource consent conditions, prepare summary reports and graphs for water users and, if requested, can send the data directly to regional council for compliance purposes.

25 January 2006 -- Use our calculator to convert flow volumes and/or rates into hours of pumping etc.  Click on the link below the graph displayed on the Water Use page.

1 December 2005 -- Our web site has been designed to provide up to date information on water flows and water volumes for our clients. Through our telemetry system we are able to provide up to date graphs of flow rate and volumes. All the data we collect is kept secure and can only be accessed by authorised clients who have been supplied with a username and password.

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